Innovated Technology

China has five-thousand years of History

The ancients china Technologies, include famous things, like the printing, gunpowder, compass and the paper making among others

These ancient technologies have been a great contribution of China for the rest of the world around the history

We know that today china is suffering big changes and it is coming a new revolution in the own technology

So we want participate in this new age , and be always offering to our customers in South America , through Chile that must be an important bridge for all the continent , all this new products that today are created and are going to be create in China

Today we are focused mainly in try to introduce:

-Audio and Video Systems for cars in massive way and economic
-Protection for security in Taxis and Buses
-Flight Instruments for, Fire Vigilance, Security and Industry like mining and Agriculture
-Electric Cars like motorcycles and Bicycles
-Others Innovations

Innovated Technology
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