Chilean Wine Exports

Nowadays, Chile is still the only country producing wine entirely free of Phylloxera of the world, the grafts are unnecessary and vines extend their own roots deep in the earth in order to transmit the truest expression of Terroir to the fruit.

The Mediterranean climate, with its cold, rainy winters and warm dry summers with wide fluctuations of temperatures between day and night, and free harvest without rain seasons  are ideal for producing very healthy vines and high quality fruit.

The natural limits of Chile, the Desert to the north, the Pacific Ocean on the west , the  Patagonia in the south and the Andes Mountains in the East   can achieve a relatively clean crop from pests and diseases, which minimizes the need for chemical intervention , achieving an eco friendly viticulture, that is in tune with today’s consumer with growing interest in producing related to environmental protection and social responsibility.

We represent  Vineyards located in the Central Valley of Chile , that is the heart of  Chile´s Wine country , Highlighting the Maipo Valley  that is one  of Chile´s most traditional wine regions ,located near Santiago and no more than 100 km of the port of San Antonio ,one of the biggest export port of our products.

Today many of Chile´s Ultrapremium  red wine begins in the Andean Piedmont of the Maipo.

The Agroweather conditions of this Valley can give rise to deeply colored , elegant wines with ripe tannins and rich flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon continues with the reign supreme, despite its slight dip.  While Syrah jumped 132%, Malbec and Carmenere also increased significantly.   Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc have been planted in recent years because growers have found cooler locations closer to the coast


Chilean Wine Exports
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