The Business Model of our Company, AMERICAN PRODUCTS LTDA.

Since a couple of months are available in our WEB SITE in Download section, 2 presentations of our company , one in Chinese and the other in English

In these , our friends and customers can see the Vision of this company that mainly is focused in Mining Business, Lumber Business and Food Business since SouthAmerica , especially since  Chile and Brazil  to China

For other side is looking for,  Innovated Technology for supply since China to Chile,  specially  focused,  in Renewable  Energy , New Technology like electric Cars and Motorcycles,  and Innovation of other technologies ,  for Agriculture and Industry Dealers in general

For develop these in the best way, American Products Ltda,  have made some agreements with other companies that have powerful networks in the above  countries mentioned

We are focused to work too , with  experienced Forwarders ,  between  Asia-Latin America , and Quality Control Companies for review our products, requested for our customers ,  made in the different  Factories  in China


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