Fruits of Chile

The projections for the upcoming years, place Chile in the select group of the 10 Top Food Exporters , with an amazing annual growth

The Chilean Fruit Industry has grown due its comparative advantages , which have made it one of the most outstanding industries at the international level.

Some of these advantages include off-season production and mild weather , resulting in highest quality raw materials, Produce of fruits of unsurpassed quality compared with those from other places in the world.

Additional characteristic , is the thermal oscillation between day and night , that is tipical of a mediterranean climate , allows the buildup of natural sugar in the fruits , endowing them unique flavors, aromas and colors of wide renown among consumers.

Apart from climate mildness and positive geographic features, Chile has highly efficient production and marketing services in the food industry, added with the macroecomic and institutional framework create the ideal environment for the development of investment projects in the entire agroindustry production chain, both in the primary fresh fruit and packing industry , and in the secondary processing and ancillary industries.

Our main focus is in the export of Fresh  Table Grapes specially Red Varieties, Plums , Cherries, Red Apples  and Kiwis.

We think that these species, have good potentials in Asia , and our 14 years of experience working  in the Agriculture Market , give us the know how to choose the best suppliers for the exigent market of Asia.

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