Who we are

The main Owner of this company, agricultural engineer graduated from Universidad de Chile, with 14 years of professional experience in Agricultural and forest industry,  worked in several multinational and national enterprises, being  responsible for commercial, sales and technical  areas in Chile and other countries

His friend and business partner invited him, Business management from Universidad de Chile with a postgraduate course and several degrees. He is living in China since three years ago making business, learning culture and Chinese language and travelling across many provinces and cities, achieving the creation of an excellent contact network in the private and public environment.

The decision of forming this enterprise born because we are sure about the multiple and strong possibilities we have to bring closer Asia, specially China, to the American continent, in different areas such as Food, Wood, Wines, Mining investments, agricultural machinery and tools for agricultural distributors, among others.

Nowadays, we represent important enterprises in Mexico, Brazil and especially in Chile, country we will use as a commercial platform due to the several international free trade agreements this country has develop in the last years (Productive Chaining).

In order to develop this long term project the best way possible, we took the decision to live in China and combine the experience of both continents.

Moreover, we have a network of high-qualified  professional friends with vast experience in Agricultural, Retail, Mining, Forest market, such as Agricultural Engineers specialist in fruits, oenologist, Forestry Engineers, Civil Engineers, Commerce Engineers, Lawyers, among others. They will share different business in order to potentiate their specialties.


Working in a professional, honest and loyal way in order to achieve long term business for our suppliers and clients, specially our Enterprise and associates.

We came to learn from a millennial culture with hard-working, nice and accessible people that need to know more about the American continent and its unforeseen potential in the aforementioned areas, and also understand them in order to achieve chances barely explored nowadays.


Become an enterprise known for its professionalism, honesty, knowledge of the market, a forward-looking approach, with committed professionals and networks that contribute for the future of China and Asia, and on the other hand, feel close to the American continent, especially to Latin America in all aspects.

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