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The Continental surface of Chile is 75,7 million hectares with vast areas where natural vigorous forests and forest plantations made by man grow.

Chile has nearly 16 millions hectares of forests, from which 85,9% correspond to Native Forest mainly intended to the production of several non –wood forest products and 13,5% correspond to Forest Plantations , mainly radiate pine and eucalyptus crops intended to the production of diverse forest products.

Chile currently has an area of approximately 2,3 millions hectares of forest plantations , mainly radiata pine and eucalyptus and, to a lesser extent, other species as poplar (Populus spp.) , Oregon Pine (Pseudotsuga mesniezzi), and Raulí (Nothofagus alpine), among others.

The forest industry in Chile produces a wide range of wood products, mostly from its pine and eucalyptus plantations, like Treated Lumber, Poles, Post, Sawn lumber of different qualities mainly used in furniture, packaging and construction lumber, Structural lumber for construction, Plywood, Face Glued Panels and Doors among the most important.

The sawnmill industry is characterized by the existence of a varied number of small, medium and large mills.

Forestry mainly used cultivated pine forests, which are cut and replanted every 25 years or so.  In the life of a tree, this is a period of rapid growth. Such is the case of pine and eucalyptus species which forms the basis of the forest industry.

With the knowledge and contacts we have in Chile’s forestry industry, we believe we can heavily contribute in integration and increased demand for business between Asia and Chile.

We want to be an interesting choice of confidence for small and medium producers in order to develop their export market in this exciting continent.

Lumber Exports
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