Agreement cooperation for find good Mining Suppliers in South America

Since the beginning of 2012 , AMERICAN PRODUCTS LTDA   looked for  agreement of cooperation  with some companies  with powerful contacts in Mining Properties and Minerals in Chile in the main regions of this activities like is ANTOFAGASTA, IQUIQUE and Others

Some Important Contacts from Colombia have permitted to American Products Ltda, increase his network, specially for the Coal Market , where Colombia is very known specially in Thermal Coal , highly demanded today in CHINA

We think that after a couple of year focusing in Mining Business in South America , this kind of  agreement is going to permit to the team of AMERICAN PRODUCTS LTDA , formed by Civil Engineers,   specialist in Industry and Mines  and Agronomists Specialist in International Market Negotiations ,  generate,  a  powerful network for look the best opportunities for our Friend Customers of China,  specially



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