Mining Business

Chile is a country of vast mining reserves. In the metallic mining it stands out the production of copper, iron, molybdenum, manganese, lead, zinc, gold and silver. From these products, the most remarkable are copper and molybdenum, being the second one a subproduct of copper production. As a result of this abundance, the mining has been from the beginning the main activity of the country.

The nonmetallic mining comprises mining resources extraction activities which, after a right treatment, become products suitable for different industrial and agricultural purposes thank to the chemical and/or physical properties. Due to these reasons the public and private interest in its development is oriented to its productive phase such as the final use of its products.

This activity is considered as an opportunity for the middle and small mining. With the exception of the important resources of salt in the north and limestone, the most of the nonmetallic deposit are worked in a small size level, generally in open pit mining, followed by a simple treatment including grinding, classification, cleaning and drying, among others,.

We represent metallic and nonmetallic Mining enterprises which have entrusted us with the search of potential investors, especially in the Asiatic market.

In order to achieve this goal, we have a professional support staff with a vast experience in mining with Mining Civil Engineers, Geologists, skilled mensurers and mining lawyers who allow us to provide a sustainable and professional support to the future investors to the enterprises we represent.

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