Mining Business

Chile is a country of vast mining reserves. In the metallic mining it stands out the production of copper, iron, molybdenum, manganese, lead, zinc, gold and silver.


Lumber Export

The Continental surface of Chile is 75,7 million hectares with vast areas where natural vigorous forests and forest plantations made by man grow.


Chilean Wine Exports

Nowadays, Chile is still the only country producing wine entirely free of Phylloxera of the world, the grafts are unnecessary and vines extend their own roots deep in the earth in order to transmit the truest expression of Terroir to the fruit.

Chilean Wine

Fruits of Chile

Since the 1980s, agribusiness has developed dramatically due to implementation of a succesful internationalization strategy. Fruits exports have almost doubled in the past eight years , from US$1.396 Million to US$2.655 Million in 2007

of Chile

Innovated Technology

China has five-thousand years of History The ancients china Technologies, include famous things, like the printing, gunpowder, compass and the paper making among others These ancient technologies have been a great contribution of China for the rest of the world around the history


Remarkable News

Remarkable News


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